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Part 91 transportation of alcohol (<70% and IN EXCESS of 5 liters)

OK this question has NOTHING to do with consumption!!! I would like to identify the REGS to better understand and argue my case with the local DHS/Customs Officer at my Port of Entry for my monthly flights from Mexico back into the USA. I am wanting to transport bottles that are 1L or less filled with alcoholic beverage (mezcal mostly) in my airplane that operates under Part 91. I hold commercial privileges on my S&MEL Instrument Airplane certificate. I have 2 scenarios under which I want to transport quantities in excess of 5 liters (which is addressed for air carriers and set as the MAX limit per person for <70% alcoholic content). One being for personal consumption, as I have more than 60 bottles at my place in Mexico that I would like to have at my place in the US and this is not for resale. Second I would like to bring back in case quantity (limited to any weight restrictions that the plane has, but possibly 20-50 liters per trip) product for resale. I have already procured an ATF license to IMPORT spirits into the USA and have read and understand the FDA requirements for food processing facilities and certification thereof AND advance notice required to import shipments of this type of product and I am registered and ready to comply with these FDA issues. SO is there anyone out there that can find and identify any published language that clarifies that the 5 liter limit does not apply to GA operating under Part 91? There is some single pilot small aircraft exemption language, but it sounds like a 135 cargo operator. I am really struggling with this and AOPA SUCKED at providing any assistance. TIA!!!