Part 91/135 ops and the TSA

Someone please refresh my memory…

But those who operate under Part 91 or Part 135 are not subject to the same TSA regulations as Part 121 operations, no?

I ask becase the last time I took a walk through Signature, Quail, or Atlantic aviation at KLAS or KVGT, I saw no TSA reps to block me from accessing the ramp. There certainly are none posted at Atlantic when I walked in at KMHR, so I am assuming no.

I ask to be curious, not to raise a stink about it, because I’d rather these operations NOT have to go through the same crap Part 121 ops do.


Correct, until LASP gets rewritten and rammed through.

Part 135 operators do have security programs that they have to comply with, the Twelve Five Standard Security Program being the most applicable one. The burden of security is placed on the 135 operator, things such as crew background checks, passenger screening by crew, no-fly lists, etc… being used. There is currently no direct TSA involvement in the process other than to establish the requirements and providing general oversight and guidance.

Part 91 has so far dodged the bullet, with a proposed program for ALL aircraft over 12,500 lbs, having been put on hold. The TSA proposal would have required “screening” of all passengers on all aircraft ie. an owner flown Kingair would mean the pilot/owner would need to screen his wife, kids, etc… just to make sure they weren’t dangerous.

This is by no means a comprehensive answer, just the basics