Security Screening


I read a rumor months ago that said that GA pilots would need to pass through a security checkpoint in order to fly (their own planes in some cases!)…Has anybody else heard of this?
It sounds unlikely as they’d have to put a security checkpoint at EVERY GA airport…


That’s the government for you. Take one ineffective organization, allow it to grow to a great level of ineffectiveness, then spread it out to everywhere.

I hope - but ain’t holding my breath - that even the TSA can see the stupidity in this.


Kinda already in place for controlled airports with commercial airline services I thought? No, you don’t go through security, but I thought you had to get a background check to get a ramp pass?


I don’t think so. We’d need a fence and gates first.


Don’t say never…in some other countries it is already required to pass through security (including metal detectors) to get to your own plane.


Don’t know where this wrong rumor keeps coming from. 90% of airports are uncontrolled…no fence, no gates, no security. Who is going to do this screening. On top of that, you are allowed to carry knives, guns, liquids etc. on your own plane, so even if there was screening, what do you suppose they would be screening for? I fly in and out of Class D, C and B airports that have commercial service and I haven’t seen a hint of security at any FBO’s and I doubt I ever will. If I see TSA at a FBO, I will loudly tell them I’ll take my business elsewhere next time…


I surely didn’t, and in a post-9/11 world at that. Friend of mine flew his Glasair into KLAS, and parked it at Signature. Before he headed back to SoCal, he took me out to the ramp and went through pre-flight walkthrough with me. No background check, no security checkpoint, nothing. And this at a Class B field.



Did the both of you just walk through an open door or gate without telling the Signature CSR or line person who you were? Not likely. ‘If’ your friends plane was ‘based’ at KLAS or here at KSAT, most likely he would have a badge for that airport. At the four FBO’s here, you will not walk through the door unless you have a badge or are a ‘known’ transient pilot/crew with an aircraft on the ramp, and then they (FBO) have to keep line of sight of you, which I’m sure a line person there was aware what you were doing.