"Playbook at GA airports"

If true, this should frighten EVERY GA pilot that flies.


I believe it. The TSA is not satisfied with what it does now. It wants to expand its so-called security to every facet of aviation.

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Yes, the Terminally Stupid Assholes are going after “large” (i.e. 12,500 pounds and up) aircraft *now *but it won’t be long that they’ll go after every aircraft from hang gliders on up.

I suppose we should plan a 3 hour quick turn when we clear customs this summer. Or do you think they will treat a Saudi registered airplane just like everybody else. :confused:

:smiley: John

They would just let you in. Heaven forbid we should possibly inconvenience our Saudi “neighbors.” Besides, Obama wouldn’t like the Muslim passengers to be offended.

Wow! Yet another Racist and ignorant statement from the Forum’s resident Bigot.

Every time I fear you’ll never outdo your last thoughtless and hate filled tirade you prove me wrong. Good to know I can count on you.

I hope your bitterness that Obama is President fills your every waking moment, you deserve it.

I would have said the same thing with the previous president. He was just as friendly with the so-called peaceful Muslims as the current president is.

Of course the Muslims are our friends. It was, after all, 19 Southern Baptists that attacked us on 9/11, right?

Call me what you want. I really don’t care what you think about me. I know I am not a bigot or a racist. I don’t really give a damn about a person’s skin color or religion. It’s once the religion proves that it is, by its own documents (e.g. the Quran), against everybody who doesn’t belong to the relgion that I no longer like that religion. Yes, the Quran says it’s okay to kill non-believers. You want find that sentiment in Christianity, Hindu, or other major religions.

By the way, when you spelled “racist,” it should have been spelled with a lower case “R” because it’s not a proper noun in the context above.

I’ve found the TSA to be of little problem. U.S. Customs, however are an embarrassment to our country. Promote tiny brains, poor training and broad powers. We always planned 1.5hrs for fuel & “paper work”.

The comments left on the GAN site are quite good. Ilike the one from the Russian.

Little “update” from Avweb. “Sting” apparently in error, yet “playbook” is in existence (top secret).

avweb.com/eletter/archives/a … tml#199720

I may have just totally missed the boat on this one, but the TSA here at SPI is requiring SIDA badges for ALL airport tenants, including the GA’ers at the T-hangars. Is anyone else seeing this at their home field? I can understand that the airlines are their thing, but GA? Instead of making this a huge TSA deal (which I’ll just love when I yell CLEAR PROP and see an ugly blue shirt come running to the aircraft to check my credentials) why not put a photo (even though I am already required to have a govt issued photo ID to accompany) on the license/certificate (different arguement altogther) that way when I am a transient pilot at a another airport, I will have the proper credentials unlike those in the current plan who will only have one for their home airport. PLUS, us scum of the earth that rent airplanes, where does that put us?
To me it seems like TSA is hungry for more justificaton… I know people at TSA, I like some of the people (even in higher positions) at TSA that I know, and I’ve never really complained about the oddball procedures they’d throw at us every week, but now, this just seems a bit over the top.


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Ding! Ding! Ding! Bob, tell us what pfp217 has won!

You hit the nail on the head! The TSA is looking for more ways to justify it’s existence. It’s not really about security. It’s about giving a facade of security.

There’s what, 10,000 airports in the USA? Are they going to station personnel at each airport? And if they do, you know there are going to be 10,000 different interpretations of TSA regulations.

This is not happening at my airport, but I am in MS where it takes 40 years for things to catch up :smiley:

However, closer to the AR border, Tunica, I encountered "security (for lack of a better term) where a person with a security patch on his shoulder had to escort me to my plane (I was parked close to the FBO), stood in front of my plane while I preflighted and didn’t walk away until the prop was turning.

I am surprised that you haven’t had the requirement for SIDA badges since commercial flights fly in and out of SPI? Every commercial airport I have been at did require SIDA to get access to the secure area. KJAN really squirrely about this in their maintenance area even for me as a transient.

You do raise a good question on the rental of the planes. I bet that responsibility will fall on the school or business that rents planes maybe flagged as “renter” in bold letters, that they give you a “temporary” SIDA badge so you can walk unescorted in the secure area of the airport and you return that badge after the flight has been completed.

:wink: that sounds logical. In fact, I was working on a freinds’ aircraft, and had the FBO let me in the gate (before I knew all of this was going down) and the gave me an ID card that said Tenant to get through the gate, so that may well be what that is used for now. Later that day he said he had to get a badge. Although, now that I think of it, the SIDA badges locally require a 10 year background check. I don’t know if this is true for the GA and tenants though).

Well I’m glad that it’s not just here, and that it seems to be legit, not necessarily glad, but I hadn’t heard of it anywhere else. I work p/t at SPI on the airline side (which is good for extra flying $$) so I have a SIDA badge, but I wouldn’t use it for non work related uses. I actually fly out of IJX (Jacksonville), and I’m guessing it’s probably alot like MBO (from seeing what I’ve seen on your videos). We don’t have a peremeter fence, so I’m sure there’s going to be some changes in store if it moves to us little Class E airspace hometown airports.

The experienced actions are in response to TSA Security Directive SD-1542-04-08F

And the current status:

Pilots concerned about badge requirements at commercial airports

By AOPA ePublishing Staff

The Transportation Security Administration has extended the deadline for a controversial security directive that would require security badges and background checks for all general aviation pilots based at air carrier airports. The TSA will meet with industry representatives to consider alternatives and to find solutions better suited to GA.

“Pilots are very concerned about the TSA action,” said Andy Cebula, AOPA executive vice president of government affairs. “The TSA must realize that pilots have a vested interest. Our goal is to work with the TSA to ensure pilots’ need for access at commercial airports is addressed.”

The decision to push the deadline for compliance back to June 1 will allow the TSA to incorporate industry input and come up with guidance for airports that minimize the SD’s impact on GA operators and airports.

The information was released in a conference call today with operators, representatives from airports, and other GA organizations. AOPA will be working with the TSA in the next few days to explore options for keeping airports secure while minimizing the burden on pilots.

As airports across the country have been implementing the new security measures, AOPA members have been frustrated by the changing requirements and limited access to information about the SD. AOPA expects the industry-TSA collaboration to produce clear guidelines that take into account the rules’ impact on operators and airports.

February 24, 2009

Thanks AZ. :laughing: I like how they’ve exteneded the deadline, and are still in talks about how to carry it out, and it is already being implemented.
The way I see it, if they want background checks, let it be part of the process when I apply for a certificate or rating. And when I get my plastic card, have my photo on it. That way you have one universal ID that everyone including the transients will have. If you still need a way in the fence, you could still apply for your home airport SIDA badge to swipe in .
I don’t mind the security but it just seems like having only those based at a particular airport is not really going to rid the “security” issue.