Do airlines have liquor licenses?


I know that restaurants, bars, and other land-based establishments that sell alcohol are required to have liquor licenses. I also know that airlines sell beer and cocktails on flights. So do airlines have liquor licenses?


Search on Google using the key words airline liquor licence revealed

Does this help any?



ya sure it is!


That news article says nothing about any action the state would be taking against the Bernalillo convenience store that sold the six-pack of beer. One might get the impression that US Airways is being made a scapegoat or else that the news article was poorly written and edited.


I know in STL, our commisary has a license (you can see it clearly posted on thier little carts!), but since the commisary is owned by the airline, I don’t know who actually has their name on it. I don’t get paid enough to know that much!