Should alcahol be served on flights and duty free sealed


A number of incidents involving drunk passengers and pilots my force us to re examine the availability of alcohol on aircraft and pre sales at duty free airport shops. Passengers are threatening to hold the airlines financially liable should they suffer avoidable behavior by drunk passengers. Passengers are thought to be demanding that airports and airlines should ban alcohol sales and duty free sealed in the hold until the aircraft reaches its destination. Airlines point to a very strict vetting of passengers but admit many determined passengers cheat the system. Airlines world wide make additional revenue from cabin sales it will be left to national aviation authorities to enforce bans.


try to drink 3 beers on board a 3 hours flight i bet you can’t. at least in Europe we can’t.

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No duty free should remain available to consume by the owner.


What you said was, duty free should not be available.
I think you meant to say No! Duty free should be available. (Puntcuation is a powerful thing. )