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I noticed that Flightaware has now changed how it tracks flights. It shows only your airport code flights & or flights only to and from the airport you enter. Before it showed all flights in the area. Is this now something you can’t do any longer, or am I just not navigating the site correctly to do it ? Thanks for any info. L.D.S.


Try zooming in


It appears from reading other posts in the past month or two that Firefox will not show the “other” flights at any zoom level any more. not sure what happened.


When I used the detached map of Oakland it showed other flights such as a SJC-SLC flight.


I just tried it at my local airport but the big map doesn’t show other flights there either.


Am using Firefox. Version/OS information:

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20101026 Firefox/3.6.12
OS is Windows 7 Home Premium

Using SBP as the airport, I found several flights that were not going to or from SBP such as ASA224 (SFO-MMSD) and N15DB (SBA-RDD).

The non-SBP flights started showing up after about 6-8 clicks of the “=” sign after I had zoomed all of the way out.

Randomly checking other airports, flights not going to the airport in question always showed up when the map regardless if the map was detached or not.

Zooming in was required on some of the maps to show the flights.


That was it. I wonder why you have to now tho ? Thanks for the reply. L.D.S.


Don’t know. I usually zoom in as a matter of habit just so I can see better.


hmm, I’m using Firefox and SBP and haven’t seen overflights for several months at any zoom level.


Just to make sure we are on the same page: By “overflight” do you mean a flight that is actually overlying the airport itself or flights that are on the same map as flights going to/from SBP?

The flight shown on the image below is TAI560 heading to SFO:

This image shows a Skywest flight from SBA to SFO and a flight from HHR to SJC (northwest and northeast of SBP respectively)


I mean flights that should be on the map but not landing at the primary airport. I haven’t seen them for a couple of months at any zoom level.
A month or so ago somebody else mentioned Firefox having problems with the non-primary flights not appearing, If I remember correctly Mark or somebody at FA answered the question but nothing seemed to happen. At least on my computer! Maybe when they come back to work Monday they can look at it. I’ll try emptying my cache again.


I use both Chrome and IE8 on multiple computers with the same results. If I zoom a bit, I see the overflights (in green) but unless I hover my mouse over the flight, there is no info for it. All I see is the airplane and its track, no info as to what airline, type, altitude or speed.
However, on my Blackberry, no zooming is required and the info for the flights appears for most of them.


That is the intended behavior.

On mobile devices we display a static image with overflights and as many tags as we can fit. No panning, no zooming, no seeing tags for any flight that didn’t fit.

On desktop computers we support panning, zooming, and pointing to any flight to see what it is, but because of browser performance limitations we can’t display the overflights when viewing a large area. We only display one tag at a time, but if you don’t point to any flight the tags will rotate at a rate of about 1 a second.