View Other Flights Option

With the last batch of UI changes it appears that the option/link to view “other flights between these airports” is no longer available when viewing a flight. I had found this to be a very useful shortcut. Please consider adding this option back to this view.


Hi Bryan,

Yes, we have indeed removed that link. There were very few users who used the functionality and it took up vital screen real estate on the page, but we would consider readding it if there’s sufficient demand. Why did you find it so useful?

Note that you can still use the Flight Finder ( to have the same functionality.


thanks for the link…

stroke treatment

This feature will be coming back to the flight page soon.

Glad to hear it’s coming back, thanks for the quick response.

Sweet! Thanks for that. Didn’t get a chance to post last night to reply to the first question… hard to quantify what I find so useful about that feature… I just know that I use it 99.99% of my visits to the site.