Over rated aircraft

What is the most over rated aircraft??? Mine would be CRJ-200. It was a fun plane but it’s small and taking over.

757… all the comfort of a narrowbody with the boarding/deplaning time of a widebody.

Comfort? Maybe. But I wouldn’t call the 757 overrated in terms of performance! Some 20 years later, there still isn’t a comparable aircraft in terms of size and range. There’s a reason so many of them are still flying today, even for airlines whose order sheets have strictly been Airbus for a decade or more.

Until it finally begins to carry paying customers, I think the A380 would have to be considered to be overrated, especially considering the cost overruns that will almost certainly prevent the program from ever turning a real profit, unless the a/c is much more economical than even Airbus knows. Also, the 787 has some pretty high expectations to meet. Judging from the orders placed so far, the airlines expect it to meet these expectations, but we don’t yet know for sure…

The performance is exactly why it’s rated so high, making it overrated. Without those giant engines and wings, it’d be just like the 739ER or A321.

Well, duh. And it’s this performance that puts the 757 in its own class above those others.

That’s like saying without its two engines the F/A-18 would be a POS. True, but those engines are what make the plane.