Under Rated aircraft


I made a topic for over rated aircraft, now what is the most under rated aircraft that you think? I would say the beechcraft 1900. Its such a small aircraft but it gets people to close places without haveing to have a connecting flight.

One of my favorite aircraft, with one of my favorite airlines, at one of my favorite airports
Beechcraft 1900


I’d have to say the DC-9. People think that it is just an old, small, out of place aircraft. But, it is a NWA workhorse and if you’ve ever traveled in one, they are quite roomy and NW’s are in good shape, considering how old they are.


I resent that. Some of us here are older than any commercial jet aircraft presently flying! :wink:


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The :wink: at the end of my brief missive means that I was joking.

At least about the resentment.


And the :unamused: at the end of mine meant that I was being sarcastic!!!


Which was uncalled for.

Ergo, I pointed out that I had been joking in answer to your inappropriate response, thinking that you had missed the point.

Save the sarcasm for your 'rents.


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My nominee for the most underrated aircraft would be the L-1011 TriStar. They were vastly outsold by the DC-10, but I have yet to hear any harsh criticism about their comfort or performance, and they looked sleeker (in my opinion) than the -10s, which certainly have their place in history as well. It would be interesting to see how the course of commercial aviation would have changed had the TriStar been more successful in terms of sales. Lockheed would more than likely have produced more jetliners, and could possibly still be building them today if they had earned the respect that so many think they deserved.


What a disaster of an airplane. The 1900 is a great example of what happens when a manufacturer takes a great design (the King Air) and tries to stretch and modify it. Take a look at all the appendages hanging from the tail and rear fuselage. That’s what happens when engineering can’t convince nanagement that they really shouldn’t do what they are asking for!

From a passenger’s standpoint they are noisy and uncomfortable.

Antony, N4810S


I respect what your opinion is. But I know that when I fly I want to hear the engines rev and feel the plane. I really don’t like being on a flight where you can hear a pin drop but hey thats just me. But I have a question for you what is NANAGEMENT? Make sure you double check your spelling before you post.



It truely is an unappreciated workhorse here in Canada. At first, I really didn’t like the Dash myself, but I have come to appreciate the large windows, high wing, and on time performance ( lack of mechanical issues ). This especially in regards to the Regional Jets like the CRJ-200 that are taking the routes away from the Dash. The CRJ-200 takes some time off the trip, but you may as well be sitting in the washroom the whole trip for the passenger comfort it offers. :wink:

for Nitro

definition of “** nanagement **” The act of micro-managing only a small portion of a business. You know, “nan” as in nanotechnology. :smiley: