Outside the US Flight Tracking

OK…I know all about how flight tracking works and that flights being tracked outside the contiguous US are not reliable on Flightaware, etc… I know the drill. Basically flights entering a US FIR/ARTCC are trackable on Flightaware. Even flights in the western Pacific from Japan to Austrailia are trackable for the portion of their operations within the Oakland Oceanic FIR which covers most of the north Pacific.

I just received an email message from Flightaware telling me that “Flightaware does not track flights outside the contiguous United States”.
KFLL-MYNN is not trackable? Sure it is. I track flights all the time between the US and Nassau…The flight remains in the confines of Miami ARTCC.
I track flights to Havana and Vardero, Cuba, Mexico City, South America, Japan, Europe and the South Pacific, etc… as do many other Flightaware users.

I track flights in Hawaii…this is out of the Contiguous US the last I checked.

Why am I being told that I cannot track flights to MYGW? Sure I can. If I enter a flight/aircraft knowingly going to MYGW, I can track it, but I cannot enter it as an airport query. I can track flights to every other airport in The Bahamas, why cannot I track a flight to the one of the airports just off the coast of Florida well with Miami Center’s Airspace…KZMA?

I can track flights to Treasure Cay and Marsh Harbour (MYAT, MYAM) and every other airport in the Bahamas, but I am being told that I cannot track flights to MYGW on FlightAware. I enter a flight going to MYGW and it shows up just fine. Only when I enter the airport as a selection, it comes up" unknown ".

Can MYGW be entered into the database of searchable airports? If RJAA Tokyo can, why not West End, Bahamas?

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Disregard. I just spoke to someone at flightaware and MYGW is being added to the searchable database.


MYGW was recently (re)opened after the end of public availability of the DAFIF data. We’ll get the details and add it to our database.

Thanks. The gentleman, I spoke to after I posted, and myself had a nice conversation about making sure it gets added…:slight_smile:.

MYGW is becoming a busy destination once again for the rich folk with Ginn Sur Mer.

All the best!