i was wondering


can i track flights in other countries wide :smiley:


Daniel beat me by less than a minute. :imp: …And then deleted his post. :question:

Welcome to the forum Alex.

See the FAQ. (Top right of page.) Many of your other questions could already be answered, so do SEARCH the forum. Thanks


[APU FROM SIMPSONS]" Thank you. Come again!"[/APU FROM SIMPSONS]


No, wide or otherwise.


Also, it would be very helpful to other forum members if you could use a more decriptive subject line for the content of the matter that you’re posting. “I was wondering” tells us nothing about the subject of what your question is about. Posting a better subject line really helps when others use the search function when looking for information. Posting “I was wondering” means someone will probably waste their time having to open up this thread when it comes up in a search to see if it’s relavent or not. The subject “Tracking International Flights” would help someone easily determine if this thread is relavent or not.


iam very sorry. iam new at this it wont happen again