International Flight Tracking??

is there a website that will assist me in International Flight Tracking?

Read the FAQs.

He wasn’t asking why there isn’t international tracking he was asking for another website to try. The faq isn’t completely correct either.

FlightAware can only track aircraft that are being tracked by the FAA, which means aircraft only in the United States.

The faa tracks many international flights from departure to arrival. It just seems that they don’t make that data available to FA.

As for the original question, I haven’t found one. There is a place called FBO web (google it for the link) that handles some flights better then flightaware, such as those over oceanic airspace.

Just throwing this out there as well:

Try this for Sweden:

The site is in Swedish. Here’s the part of the home page that was translated into English. is a site that makes it possible to ensure air traffic over Sweden in real time.
Information hur flygradarn fungerar Information air radar works

… Airplane radar as use is not really a proper radar of the type used by air traffic control, but several radio that receives the current positions of the aircraft that are equipped with Mode-S/ADS-B-transponder and sends out its position.

…In the current situation is not all aircraft equipped with a Mode-S/ADS-B-transponder. … Most aircraft flying internationally have the transponder. … Smaller home plan often lack the transponder.

Interesting, they display the tail number of the aircraft in addition to the flight number.

Very cool site, now I need to contact Rosetta stone to learn the language. :wink:

use ICAO (4-letter) codes.