international trackers?


Love flight aware, but my best friend’s husband is flying to Europe andshe’d like to follow the progress. Google searching so far has only given me “flight trackers” that actually track flight package costs and not the flights themselves.

Any help ?? is it possible?

thanks for your help


In an effort to be more PC, I offer this to you.

FA doesn’t get flight info for International flights. AKA, it’s the FAA’s fault (at least that is what some of us like to say)

This has been discussed before, and for that reason, it is a request that a search is done using the topic you are wanting to find/discuss as the keywords in the search.

Was that nice enough dami?


May i suggest using this site,

Its not as detailed as FA but it provides a current map position, heading, course speed and altitude. I used to use it before I became aware of FA. Good luck


I don’t think that site tracks international flights either. does, although you have to know the correct (3-letter) airline code or the ICAO (4-letter) airport code. No real-time maps outside of US airspace.

Also covers some international airports - probably all of them if you can figure out how to hack the query.

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Why should they? If it’s something competitors offer that FA doesn’t, it’s a good way to let FA know a) you like that feature and b) how other sites do it :slight_smile:


Talking about other tracking websites have been discussed in detail. See … highlight=



Hence the wink smiley :wink: :wink: