Tracking aircraft from specific country to specific country


Is there any way to track aircraft coming form one country to another? For instance, a drop-down box could be set up so you choose a country where the flight originated, say the UK, and then choose from another drop down box the country which it is flying to, say the U.S. Then the result is you can view all aircraft flying from the UK to the US for that day. Don’t know the possibility of this, though.




i did, i didnt see anythign about it. it said if there were any other questions or requests to put them here…thanks.


Not the Discussions FAQ, the Tracking FAQ.


ok, i saw this, and it was the only thing anywhere near what i am talking about…

"How does FlightAware handle international flights? (Back To Top)

Short answer: Not very well.

Long answer: FlightAware can only track aircraft that are being tracked by the FAA, which means aircraft only in the United States. For flights arriving in the US from an international origin, FlightAware will be able to track the US once the flight is handed off to the US. For flights departing the US for an international destination, FlightAware will be able to track the flight until it leaves the US and then it will be lost with no arrival ever recorded or the arrival time will be the time it left the US. "

what im suggesting is the dropdown box. it would include only aircraft that have been ahnded over to the US, or, for those leaveing the U.S., those who are still on a U.S. frequency. But i think it would be interesting to be able to so easily track international flights.


Search the Forum for previous discussions about tracking international flights.

Can’t be done, period.

Most nations keep as closely guarded secrets the information that the FAA shares freely.

And, for the record, while you used a flight to the US as an example, your original question was “Is there any way to track aircraft coming form one country to another?”, e.g. LHR to PEK.


Could it be done? Yes. We could provide a list of international flights to and from the US. But the reliability of the data is so bad, especially for inbound flights, that we’re more interested in focusing our time and energy on other features.


would you mind me asking, mduell, what other features you are alluding to? im curious cause any new features are awesome!


Lately we’ve been working on a lot of back end changes to improve reliability and capacity. But there are a few front end changes coming soon, especially in the maps department.


awesome. well, how about one more suggestion…

how difficult would it be to be able to, say, double click on an aircraft’s ico and have it be linked to the individual info page for that aircraft?


Difficult enough that it hasn’t been implemented yet, east enough that it’s on the to-do list.


haha, point taken…hope to see that in the next few years :laughing: