Found this on liveleak.
Any guesses on the cause?


Reported as Saudi B777 Jeddah to Riyadh on March 10/08.

Interesting the outer spoiler activated before touchdown???


I suspect a blown tire… If you’ve seen what kind of damage a blown tire on a vehicle can do, here’s a result of what can happen when a big aircraft tire comes apart at 100-150 kts. (115-173 mph).

At slower speeds, on most airliners, spoilers will augment the ailerons in roll control.


Looks like a blown tire or a bird strike with partial flap extention.


True that…however, notice that the one panel was extended during the entire video, not just for roll augmentation. The ground spoilers came out after touchdown and were retracted as the plane was turning off…But that one panel stayed out the entire time.


Could be a malfunction due to the busted up hydraulic lines that are flopping around in the beginning of the clip :question:


Yeah I figured it had something to do with the damage…I’d say a mighty fine job of the pilot getting it down very gently with a spoiler out…And if your sound is on, you might notice that apparently no thrust reverse was used. It was all wheel braking. Then you’ll hear the loud groan of a dried-up hydraulics system trying to retract the flaps (I’m guessing there), then it stops. I think the pilot caught on to the fact that it wasn’t gonna work, so he put the flap handle back where it was. I’ve never been on a 777, so I couldn’t tell the flap sounds from, say, a 757. But that was about the same noise my big rig made after it blew a hi-pressure power steering hose lol…