Delta B763 blows a tire during takeoff roll (video)

I was spotting at DTW two days ago and got a video of DAL257 a B763w taking off for GRU (SBGR) Sao Paulo, BR. Right before it rotated one of the tires began to give out. I posted two videos one slowed down a bit…

Delta 257 DTW-GRU blows a tire on takeoff - YouTube)

and the other normal speed…

Nice vid. . .

Isn’t that a bad decision to put the gear up?

they have 5 other tires… I think they also have fire suppression in the wheel wells

They probably didn’t know they blew a tire until Cleveland Center called them with a report from the tower.

or till the FA came up from and said there was a bang, when the tire blew you could see big pieces hit the belly.

Plus I’m sure their EICAS might tell them tire pressure, I’m sure they got a red or yellow caution message.

I keep forgetting about that new fangled stuff like tire pressure monitors and Flight Attendants.

they have 5 other tires

That would be 3 more tires if you’re talkin’ right main, or 7 other tires if you’re talkin’ both mains, and 9 other tires if you’re talkin’ total. :slight_smile:
If it was a 777 it would have 5 other tires on the right main.

You have to remember flyboy just upgraded to a 6 tire airplane and is so excited he can’t count past that yet.

HAHAHAHA- No we have as many as the Lear, same max tire speed also 182kts.

@Will77- OK I didn’t count, I would’ve had to take my shoes off for that, I was taking an educated guess…

Yeah, the deformed tire can get lodged up in the wheel well and prevent the gear from extending for landing.

That pilot’s ego is writing checks his body can’t cash! :mrgreen:

FO: Captain, we have a master caution - right main tire blew! Abort takeoff!?
Capt: Nonsense! We’re goin’ to Rio! An aborted takeoff will delay us four hours. We’d go over our duty time limit and we wouldn’t make the trip.
FO: V1… Rotate…
Capt: I’m waiting…
FO: Waiting for what?
Capt: Gear… UP! :unamused:
FO: But Cap’n… shouldn’t we leave the gear extended, declare an emergency, burn-off some fuel and land here at DTW?
Capt: Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear the FIRST TIME! We’re going to RIO. Declaring an emergency and burning off fuel will delay us SIX hours!
FO: Gear up!
DTW Tower: Delta 256 contact departure 121 point 8
FO: One twenty one point eight Delta two five six g’day!

My mistake, for some reason I thought the 1126 had 6. At least you can count them without putting your flashlight on the ground. :laughing:

HAHA I love it!

Yeah, the deformed tire can get lodged up in the wheel well and prevent the gear from extending for landing.

Exactly what I was thinking.

Crane certified their TPMS on the 767 in 2010. It looks like the same one they have used on the 777 for years. With that in mind the Detroit flight may, or may not, have had it installed. Anyway, it looks like it is primarily a maintenance system, the ad isn’t clear but it looks like the cockpit may not even have an indicator.

Well, got an answer much quicker than I thought I would from a friend who used to fly the 767. His answer to whether or not there was a tire pressure monitor was, and I quote:

Nope, at the tire only.