Delta flight 1457 blown tire


Happening right now.

Delta 1457 is circling KATL after blowing a tire at takeoff as reported by CNN



My kinda trip! 3.5 hours to nowhere! :smiley:


This is on Fox News right now.
EDIT: It just landed safely.


I’ve been watching it on FOX News. . . That’s crazy, they thought it landed a long time ago. Use FlightAware people! :laughing:

Just landed. FOX News quit showing stuff about the plane. . . :unamused: :confused:


Strange track - it flew all the way to Arkansas/Mississippi/Tennessee border before returning to ATL. I’m assuming the tire was blown on takeoff and crew got some sort of indication at the time. Did it take the crew THAT long to decide to return?

Maybe the tire blew inside the well after being retracted…?


Maybe the tire blew inside the well after being retracted…?

If they got an indication of a blown tire before they put the gear up, they probably would’ve left it down. . .


My WAG is that they did 4 circles in the hold, saw the weather getting close NE of them and asked for a scenic tour to burn off fuel to be below maximum landing weight factors?


went up to 34,000 and 471kts. must have happened after retracted


What I’m sayin’. :slight_smile: :wink:


Well, if it happened AFTER being retracted, then whey not continue on to the destination and worry about the emergency landing there?? :confused:


I was on this flight and the tire blew just before we were airborne as about half way down the runway the plane started shaking. Shortly after hitting 10,000 feet the pilot told us what happened and that they were in contact with Delta and talking things over, but for now we were going to continue on to Portland. Shortly after that we banked left for some time and the pilot came back on and said we were going back to Atlanta for several reason:

  1. Better equipped to handle us (maintenance, spare plane, new crew, etc)
  2. They were calling for weather in Portland and wanted optimal conditions for landing.


Awesome! Thanks for the firsthand insight!

The crew should not have retracted the landing gear as a misshapen tire could jam in the wheel well and cause damage to the landing gear system.


Well, the weather was BEAUTIFUL in Portland yesterday, but I can understand the maintenance/ spare plan ideas. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Yep, it was nice here but a little breezy at the airport, I am sure they did not want to risk a crosswind landing.


But why in the world retract the gear???
We heard the boss himself say why you don’t retract the gear. . .
Go to 3:18. . .

Anybody know which tire it was?

Another thing, FOX is the best news on TV. But yesterday their “so-called pro’s” were saying the 737 had 4 wheels on each side of the mains… :unamused:
Me and my brother were sitting on the couch just shaking our heads. . .


my brother and I

sorry, being a parent I just can’t help myself. :stuck_out_tongue:


PDX has a north/south runway also…


my brother and I

sorry, being a parent I just can’t help myself.

Sorry I ain’t no sophisticated person. . .


From what we were told, I believe it was the inside tire (closest to the fuselage) on the right side of the plane.