United 950 blown tire on takeoff from KIAD

Just featured on NBC4 in Washington (as info to the admins, NBC4 showed the FlightAware track without proper credit)

Washington Post’s ‘Getting There’ blog"

Flight Aware track (get your Etch-A-Sketch out ) :open_mouth:

What happened to the visual track map?

I see the log and coordinates, but not the map. Was it up and then taken down?

I believe WRC4 in DC had the track map on the 11 o’clock news. Looked interesting. although not attributed to FlightAware, as I could tell, as it was very hard to read.

Permalink to diverted flight:
flightaware.com/live/flight/UAL9 … /KIAD/KIAD

Tracks appear on map here.

A passenger on this flight posted an account of what happened to FlyerTalk. He was very complimentary of the pilot and on board staff but slammed the poor response and confusion of the customer service staff at KIAD. My favorite part–when the flight was cancelled for good, they offered to cab people home (about $70 for this particular passenger and another $70 back the next morning) but refused to pay his exit fare from airport parking ($17).

Remember that the next time you pay your baggage fees…

Thanks for the original and subsequent posts. The flight route map wasn’t there when I first checked, but it was up later. A very interesting 2 1/2 sightseeing trip over the DC and Bay area for those onboard!

I was intrigued that the flight route seemed to go directly over the Capitol at one point. Probably a little away but still awfully close for what we’ve come to expect these days

And yes, the first person FlyerTalk thread was priceless. Didn’t seem like the poster was someone who was a serial complainer, but rather someone who thought it was worthwhile noting how well some of UA’s people (cabin crew) acted, but that once the company ground people were faced with the PAX, the situation deteriorated quickly, and there went all that goodwill the cabin crew had shown.

Makes you wonder if the airline had any sort of contingency plan in place. Afterall, this wasn’t some Podunk town, but the hub of a major carrier. Maybe it’s that some employees just don’t care. Can you imagine how these things will be handled when the 787s and other 600 pax planes come on-line? Not well, I expect!

My own experiences with United’s ground staff has been less than decent as well. Last summer we were subjected to a diverson due to weather at DEN, then stuck because of crew timeout. Once on the ground at GJT, no United staff would talk to us, except for the flight crew. The captain then ordered pizza for the entire aircraft (757) since there were no food options in the terminal. Once we finally returned to DEN, there was only one customer service center, minimally staffed, to reschedule and assist passengers from our flight, and from many others that had been diverted that day. It was very, very disappointing.