Other routes


I wonder if I could find the flights not over U.S.
for example HKG to LHR…


Where are HKG and LHR? FlightAware goets its info from the FAA and can only track as far as the FAA tracks go…usually a little ways beyond the U.S. airspace and then the radar track stops. Occasionally you can get tracks into Canada and the Carribean. Anywhere else, sorry, we can’t get it.


HKG to LHR is Hong Kong to London Heathrow. Unless they decide to go really far out of their way, the won’t be overflying US airspace, and so won’t be trackable on FA.


there was a recent HKG-LHR flight that appeared on FA;
10th Nov 2005 a B777LR flew the ‘wrong way’ to set some new record for distance but dont think it will be the norm :wink:
22hrs flight time - thats a lot of movie time!!