Route data for UK flights gone?

We used to be able to see flight planned routes of flights to/from the UK until very recently. For example, BAW27 LHR-HKG on 8/19: … /EGLL/VHHH

has the route info but on 8/28 … /EGLL/VHHH

it has not.

Is this a Flightaware system bug? Or have the UK Air Traffic Services stopped providing that data? :frowning:

Any update from FlightAware about this issue?

If it helps, the problem started around 23 August, UK flights on 22 August had the full route data, but none from 23 August onward it seems.

August 23 was the day the FAA had a major upgrade with a lot of intended and unintended changes. We do not expect route data to return for flights from the UK to destinations other than North America.

Many thanks for the update.

However, I am rather curious as to how the FAA is relevant to a flight which does not enter North American airspace?

The real-world route data is quite useful to me as a UK flight simmer, and I am disappointed at this development.