O’Hare’s in holding patterns due to weather.




Nice looking holding pattern

Here’s another one, except it looks like he tied a bow in the sky:

flightaware.com/live/flight/AAL3 … /KSTL/KORD


And they’re OFF!

It’s Garter in the stretch…

Hoofhearted bringing up the rear…

Welcome to this preview of the summer “racetack” season.




1:12 duration, compared to the typical 0:46.

It would be interesting if FA could somehow flag flights that have taken at least, say, 140% of the typical duration and copy them to a ‘special interest’ page.

Got this ‘wish list’ item, Daniel?? :smiley:


Definitely this could be triggered or noticed by the “ETA” software that compares typical times vs actual.