How come this flight never gets a full track on it? It doesn’t leave into like Canada or some place like that, it’s just a quick hop from ORD-MKE. Even all the past flights never get a full track.

flightaware.com/live/flight/LOF7 … /KORD/KMKE

I would venture a guess that they cancelled their IFR clearance enroute.

I don’t know because it was cloudy and strong thunderstorms when I posted the thread.

Well, there goes that theory…

It wouldn’t be cancelled IFR, because the track STARTS half way to the destination.

Something has been going on in the Chicago area for a while. check recent flights- they all “drop off” radar @about 6000 ft. Look further back (3-4 weeks, they were covered to 1000-800 ft. I have wondered if a radar system is off line or the feed from local radar has been blocked for “securiity”.

Have thought about bringing it up, just hadn’t.

Edited to note that the ORD-MKE flight looks more dramatic since the scale of the map is much larger due to the small distance between airports.

Ooops, read the map wrong. Thought it was MKE-ORD, not ORD-MKE.

Where’s the blackeye emoticon when you need it?

I think the flight is so short that it looks like more missing data than it really is. The line often stops a couple miles from the airport, but the map is so zoomed out (for longer flights) that it’s hardly noticable.

Do take a look though- on and before June 14, most flights were reported to about 800-1200 ft (and the airport is around 640 something I think). On June 15 and after, flights appear and disappear at ~6000 ft.

Most of the arrivals to ORD are off the radar before they turn onto final.

You can also verify this by looking at ONT-LAX flights. This route is roughly the same distance as ORD-MKE: flightaware.com/live/flight/N300 … /KONT/KLAX

Yes but the ORD-MKE shows the first half of the flight but not the rest. Hey Domino’s pizza owns that plane.

That’s why I picked that particular flight.

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If they don’t get it here in 30 minutes, it’s free. And I doubt they will get it here in 30 minutes because I’m over 350 miles north of LAX! Besides, the flight continues to PDK.

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This evening I attempted to track a flight from MDW to IGQ (Lansing Municipal, just southeast of Midway). I believe the call sign was N460CP. The weather has been IMC, so it was almost certainly flying on IFR. FlightAware showed the aircraft had departed and later arrived, but there was never any track. Also, I was monitoring Chicago Approach control on 118.4, which handles Midway/Chicago departures/arrivals in that area, and I never heard N460CP check in. My guess is that the flight stayed with Midway Tower out of MDW, may not have been placed in tracking system in the same manner as typical, and handed off from Midway Tower to CTAF at Lansing. Does this sound right? And, if yes, this may be a similar situation with the MKE flight.