Major delays at KORD!


Storms are causeing one major headache at O’hare!


That’s a pretty big squall line that just moved through. I’d love to see animated time-lapsed video of the radar…

something similar to this FedEx ops video:


Love how the planes just scatter. My uncle was supusta land in ORD two hours ago but they diverted him to St. Paul. He was on a 747 from SFO and they had to refuel! and they only flew two holding patters. Fun Fun Fun.


I see the diverted planes going all sorts of directions over my house near ORD. There is a flight pattern over my house out in the NW suburbs and there is planes going all sorts of direction. Last week i was cuising through RFD and decided to swing by RFD to see the UPS planes to start flying in, but i was pleasently suprized to see about seven United 757’s, one TED A320, and one American MD-80 diverted becasue of the bad weather. It was cool because i was about 20 feet away from one of the last 757’s to take off near the parking lot fence. I was blown around with some jet blast, it was cool. I was all dusty though. I was also cool to see the old United ladder truck in the 80’s colors though.

Where else do they divert too? Is it anywhere?


Sounds like fun! Just looked up RDF and they have toooooooons of UPS planes in and out of there. They just closed the UPS facility at KDAY. Kinda sad. About four planes that I saw diverted to KMSP.


I flew out of ATL when that thunderstorm hit. DAL 574 to KSEA. In 60 seconds the weather went from VFR to IFR, then to low IFR to… KATL is closed. (I’m not at all exaggerating) I bet some of the airplanes that were going to land at ATL had to fly to their alternates. I was going to fly on DAL533 (B752). It was an overbooked flight and I gave up my seat. I’m glad I got out on DAL574 (B763) on Aug. 9th before the almost-terrorist attack happened. :smiley:
Some relatives of mine are rerouted through DTW instead of ORD.

Some things that I saw on DL 574.

  1. The weather change in 60 seconds
  2. First time on a 767
  3. With all the water on the taxi way and a vortex from the engine that created a water spout. (I sat on row 10) It was really cool!