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Orange Pi Zero PiAware

Is there anyone here who uses Orange Pi Zero to transfer data to FlightAware and Flightradar24 and would like to share their system image? I have the Orange Pi Zero and the FlightAware blue stick. I’ve been struggling to run this kit for 2 weeks with no results.

thank you in advance

Which system image are you using currently?
You could try my readsb install script it will compile from source so it works on most Ubuntu / Debian based systems no matter what the architectures: Automatic installation for readsb · wiedehopf/adsb-scripts Wiki · GitHub

Quite a bit of other stuff from this link will work as well: Raspbian Lite: ADS B receiver · wiedehopf/adsb-wiki Wiki · GitHub

I’m not sure which architecture the Orange Pi uses?

uname -m

This should tell the architecture.

The system I use is Armbian 21.02.3 Buster with Linux 5.10.21-sunxi
pi@orangepizero:~$ uname -m

I have Orange PI PC, and use Armbian Buster OS

pi@orangepipc:~$ uname -a
Linux orangepipc 5.10.12-sunxi #21.02.1 SMP Wed Feb 3 20:39:30 CET 2021 armv7l GNU/Linux


I have done package install of dump1090-fa and piaware by following commands:

wget https://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/files/packages/pool/piaware/p/piaware-support/piaware-repository_5.0_all.deb  

sudo dpkg -i piaware-repository_5.0_all.deb  

sudo apt-get update  

sudo apt-get install piaware  

sudo piaware-config feeder-id xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

sudo piaware-config allow-auto-updates yes
sudo piaware-config allow-manual-updates yes

sudo systemctl restart piaware   

sudo apt-get install dump1090-fa   

sudo reboot   


When I typed:
wget https:// flightaware. com/adsb/piaware/files/packages/pool/piaware/p/piaware-support/piaware-repository_5.0_all.deb

I got the message:
wget unable to resolve host adress flightaware. com
When I removed s from https I got the message:
root @ orangepizero: / home / pi # wget http: //flightaware. com/adsb/piaware/files/packages/pool/piaware/p/piaware-support/piaware-repository_5.0_all.deb
–2021-04-03 14: 33: 53-- http:// flightaware. com/adsb/piaware/files/packages/pool/piaware/p/piaware-support/piaware-repository_5.0_all.deb
Resolving flightaware. com (flightaware. com) …
Connecting to flightaware. com (flightaware. com) | |: 80 … connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response … Resolving flightaware. com (flightaware. com) …
Connecting to flightaware. com (flightaware. com) | |: 80 … connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response …

There is a space character in the host name after the dot and before “com” and before “flightaware”
Did you see that?
That might be the reason why the host name is not resolved

For me the command is working, even if it gives a warning (sorry, my desktop device is set to german language) about the first space:

wget https:// flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/files/packages/pool/piaware/p/piaware-support/piaware-repository_5.0_all.debhttps://: Ungültiger Hostname.
URL transformed to HTTPS due to an HSTS policy
--2021-04-03 16:50:54--  https://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/files/packages/pool/piaware/p/piaware-support/piaware-repository_5.0_all.deb
Auflösen des Hostnamens flightaware.com (flightaware.com) …
Verbindungsaufbau zu flightaware.com (flightaware.com)||:443 … verbunden.
HTTP-Anforderung gesendet, auf Antwort wird gewartet … 200 OK
Länge: 6056 (5,9K) [application/x-debian-package]
Wird in »piaware-repository_5.0_all.deb« gespeichert.

piaware-repository_5.0_all.deb   100%[==========================================================>]   5,91K  --.-KB/s    in 0s      

2021-04-03 16:50:55 (330 MB/s) - »piaware-repository_5.0_all.deb« gespeichert [6056/6056]

BEENDET --2021-04-03 16:50:55--
Verstrichene Zeit: 1,2s
Geholt: 1 Dateien, 5,9K in 0s (330 MB/s)

This is the mistake you have made.
Do NOT type.
COPY-PASTE all the commands


I copied, did not typed the command. When I wrote, I meant I copied. I had to add spaces because as a new user I can add 2 links.

OK copy-paste this one. It seems two lines, but is actually one single line, not two lines. Copy it all in one go.

wget https://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/files/packages/pool/piaware/p/piaware-support/piaware-repository_5.0_all.deb

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