PiAware on other device?

I am curious. I already have PiAware running on a Raspberry Pi but I was curious if there are elements that absolutely require the Raspberry Pi or if other ARM-based Linux devices would work. I have an A64 Pine board that failed at what it was purchased specifically to do. I believe it is otherwise more powerful than a Raspberry Pi, it just is no good at processing video in real-time; CPU good, GPU not-so-good.

I guess I could just try and see what happens, but if anyone else has any experience on it, I’d appreciate some pointers.

I have it running on an Odroid XU4.
I had to use the Armbian OS to get it to run.

you should be able to build from source on if you’re running a debian based operating system on the board - but - it might just be easier to get a Pi

Should be fine, there is nothing ARM- or Pi-specific in there.

You can build from source using piaware_builder: github.com/flightaware/piaware_builder

Runs well on Orange PI PC running Armbian OS. Use the ADS-B setup scripts to install everything.

I can confirm that it is much much easier just getting a Pi…

I built everything from source for a Debian x64 virtual machine and the loops I had to jump through are just daft. There is very little documentation compared to running it on a Pi and some scripts and guides don’t work on newer versions of the OS.

I’m about to move to a Pi anyway, purely because of the issues virtual machines seem to bring to MLAT and USB.

If there’s specific stuff that needs fixing, let me know. I do build/test occasionally on Ubuntu but it’s not the primary target and I don’t use it in anger there.

It generally works better on a Pi just because that’s where it gets heavily tested so the bugs have been worked out…

Nothing is broken per se, it actually builds all okay, it’s more the disparity between different guides online and their unique setups requiring unique steps in order to build and get things running. Half of the battle was probably me being stubborn and trying to do things a different way and making it more difficult for myself!

I think because it is primarily uses on Pi variants the community support is better and more detailed than those awkward people like me who try and use it in other ways :smiley:

the loops I had to jump through are just daft

I was surprised to read this as well, having installed it easily before on various systems: OrangePi PC, Raspberry Pi, Intel X64, using the install script from here:

So I’ve just installed Ubuntu Server 16.04 on a PC, ran the install scripts and it works. All the hard work is taken care of by the script which has been tested and revised over many months.

You can choose from dump1090-fa or dump1090-mutability during the install together with Piaware. You don’t have to install the “Portal” but it gives some useful performance graphs.