Orange Feeder Box


I would like to build another station using the raspberry pi 3, is it possible to purchase the orange box and install my components inside.


The so called Orange Box is the Flight Feeder that Flight Aware send for free to the sites that get approved by them. You can buy a Raspberry Pi, a Flight Aware Pro Stick (which in fact is orange in color), or the Pro Stick Plus (which is blue), an Flight Aware Antenna and some cables and assemble a receiver yourself.
Have a look here. It is very well explained.


That was my idea, but I like the small orange feeder box, because it all
fits so nice inside.


You can request one here:


I’d like to suggest you to make your own station rather than asking for another one. You already have one orange. I have too. But now make a station with pi zero w,nooelec nano. I bet it will be smaller than orange.Most of the cases FA doesn’t send another receiver for same location.Your coverage is wonderful.


last three posts missed the point

he’s just asking if you can get a case so he can make his own


Thank you THERESJAM, that is correct.


best bet is to ask in a DM to one the flight aware guys they may be able to sort out.


Flightaware should change colors in the mold to raspberry red, and sell
them for the kit builders. Keep orange for the FA models. Extra sells
without changing much at all.