Ooops, I bricked my PiAware

Hi All,

I upgraded to the latest version of PIAware on my PI to try getting the mlat display. Since I can’t get enough, I went to build the latest version of the dump1090-Mutability.

All Was nice and cool, but I tried to get more… and in the last reconfigure I replace the 0 value for the BEASTV with 30004, since network access to the device is dead…

I guess I can climb in the Attic tomorrow and try hooking the device to a screen and keyboard. Would anyone in the mean time have an idea to unbrick this without reformatting the SD Card?


You can’t SSH to it? Ping it? The whole network stack is gone?

No Ping, and no SSH

Ok, changing the power supply unbricked it :slight_smile:. It did not support the current heat wave…

Pi likely won’t support the heat wave forever, either. Moving it to the other side of the ceiling and down in to the top of a closet or some other air conditioned space certainly isn’t a bad idea. No sense in leaving it in an insanely hot attic when a few extra feet on the feed line from the antenna won’t hurt much of anything. )


Agreed, put it somewhere accessible where it won’t cook itself (or rather the dongle wont cook it)

I have been wondering, since I installed it in the attic how hot itwould run, and if that would be a problem. Conclusion is that 1w of daily temps above 38°C and PI running between 70° and 78° all will be good, since in normal times, upper temps rarely go above 33°C.

Is there a thermal protection on the dongle ? I know there is one on the PI that will shut it around 85°C.


Don’t know of any thermal sensor/protection on the SDR dongle, and they run hot. I’ve reassembled dongles using thermal pads from Chomerics (therm-a-gap) to provide heat transfer; that’s worked at lowering operating temperatures.

bob k6rtm

Take the covers off and put a fan nearby to provide airflow and you should be able to keep both maybe 10C above ambient.