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PiAware has started failing lately

Just in the last week or so I’ve been experiencing issues where the dump1090-fa process stops logging messages, reporting 0 messages received. It’s happened on all 3 of my units, happening pretty much to all of them first at the same time. The units are in different geographic locations, on different power, all running different SDRs. One Pi is PoE from a Meraki PoE switch, one is off a 3A USB wall wart PSU, the 3rd is off a powered USB hub. I cannot find anything common about these devices apart from the PiAware 3.7.1 they’re running.

Has anyone else seen this happen in the last week or so?

For two of the units, a power cycle has helped fix it, but the 3rd one (PoE unit) is not coming back - still reporting 0 messages from dump1090-fa.


Did you just last week run the update to 3.7.1?
Otherwise the software hasn’t changed for quite a while.

It isn’t impossible that there was a voltage dip in the whole area creating a temporary problem.

If there was a corresponding unstable 230V, that could have permanently failed the power supply where you can’t get it going again.


They have been on 3.7.1 since it became available, so it’s been there for a while. The power is definitely separate for the area, as one of the units is approx 50 miles away from the others.

I’m guessing I need to go replace the SDR for the one that won’t come back.

I was just making sure it was just me and not an epidemic :slight_smile:

Try burning your sd card again. I have had errors occur when I had power issues.