One less Canadian


Canadian tries to open door and jump. Perhaps the thought of returning to winter didn’t impress him. … /TBPB/CYYZ

By The Canadian Press


TORONTO - More than 200 airline passengers who were forced to make an unscheduled layover in the Dominican Republic because of an out-of-control seat-mate landed back on Canadian soil New Year’s Eve.

A spokeswoman for Skyservice said flight 828 arrived in Toronto Wednesday without incident. The flight was diverted to Punta Cana on Tuesday when a disruptive passenger tried to tamper with an aircraft cabin door. Crew and others on board the plane subdued a man, who had to be restrained.

An airline spokesman had said Tuesday that Adrian Worrell, a Canadian who lives in the Toronto area, was in police custody in the Dominican Republic. The airline said it along with consular officials were working with Domincan authorities to repatriate him as soon as possible.

Worrell, 33, boarded in Barbados to return to Canada, the airline said.

There was no mention of any charges being laid in an airline news release issued Wednesday.

The flight originated in Grenada, made a stop in Barbados and was due to arrive in Toronto Tuesday night with 202 passengers.

Following the incident, passengers were put up in a Punta Cana hotel for the night while a new Skyservice crew could be flown to the Dominican Republic to get their customers back to Toronto, Mirza said.

“There were some concerns about crew rest and crew issues, so we brought in a fresh crew,” said Sabah Mirza, a spokesman for the charter airline.

“It’s a safety measure.”

Mirza also praised the crew and passengers for their handling of the incident.

“We are very proud of how all Skyservice crew members reacted to restrain the passenger, maintain the security of the aircraft and minimize disruption to other passengers,” she said.

“We also appreciate the assistance of the passengers on board.” … e_diverted


Local Police from Peel Region near Toronto, where Toronto’s Pearson Airport is located, flew down yesterday to pick this passenger up.

He was arrested, and transferred to Toronto area in handcuffs, and appeared in local court this morning charged several counts of assault, mischief, and endangering the safety of an aircraft in flight.

Apparently it was a full blown fight that started over two passengers arguing over leg room??? A passenger in front of the crazy guy, reclined his seat, and the passenger behind him became ‘Irate’!!!