Stuck at the Border??

747-200 from Moscow to San Antonio, saw it go over as I was working out this AM, had to figure out who it was. Very interesting circles in the sky in Canada, looks like they had to get permission to enter US airspace. … /UUDD/KSAT
Not waiting for permission. It appears, looking at the tracking, that both Winnipeg Center and Minneapolis Center were handling the aircraft.

Maybe so, but they were clearly holding, wonder why?

Thanks guys, I realized I forgot to post the link, was distracted by a 4 yr old.

They may have been holding but there are also many straight lines within the circles.

Yeah, if you zoom in it looks like the Statue of Liberty’s head… 8)

Awfully big plane to be making those sharp manuevers, right?

What on Earth could cause this?

And isn’t Domededovo to San Antonio in a 747 an odd routing?

I’m an admitted hobbyist… hoping an actual expert on here can shed some light?


I think the spikey things is FA tracking error.

That seems the most likely explanation to me as well. Occasionally there will be a flight happily cruising over upstate new york, and then all of a sudden it’s in montana, and the next minute it’s back. This is just due to radar error.

It usually only happens once, though, so my guess as to why there are so many spikes is that one set of data points come from Minneapolis Center, and the other from Winnipeg Center. If you look at the track log, that’s exactly what’s going on. There were 6 data points from Minneapolis interspersed with the Winnipeg ones, and the direction data corresponds to the 6 spikes on the crown.

Also, remember, as always, that FlightAware doesn’t run any massive radar network or anything to track these planes. All the data comes directly from the FAA (or perhaps NAV Canada or something up north).

I take it this is a general statement and not for TSO9747 specifically? If so, I agree. If not, I disagree because TSO9747 flew over Manitoba and Minnesota; wasn’t even close to upstate New York.

Yes, I meant it as a general statement about radar tracking errors.