WJA699-possible divert to foriegn airport

This topic has come up before. What would happen to passengers on a domestic flight if that flight had to divert to a foreign airport. Fog in Halifax ( CYHZ ) forces a diversion, it looks like the first choice was Bangor ( KBRG ) than Moncton ( CYQM ) was chosen as an alternate.

There are no requirements for passports for domestic travel within Canada, but there are passport requirements to travel from Canada to the U.S.
Could there be consequences for someone not ’ prepared ’ to enter the U.S. or would the flight just park on an apron and wait for conditions to abate at the original destination.


flightaware.com/live/flight/WJA6 … /CYYT/KBGR

We’ve declared war on countries (including Canada) for less. The passengers will have to speak English or Spanish while here.

It would seem logical that customs would demand the passengers stay on board on the aircraft. Perhaps they would give those with passports the ability to disembark but I don’t it.

In general, pax never get off the aircraft.

This happened to my father and stepmother on a flight from Frankfurt to JFK about four or five years ago - they had to set down in far eastern Canada due to a mechanical problem (I believe it was Halifax - they weren’t sure :open_mouth: ). They wound up staying for a good six hours.

Wherever this occured, the airport was prepared for this sort of event - I would imagine it happens often enough to warrant a plan. Canadian Customs kept them on the plane for about a half hour while they finished checking the pax list, then allowed them off the plane into a secured gate area with access to restrooms, food (the airline gave them meal vouchers), beverages, etc., plus more comfortable seating. There were NOT permitted to leave the area, but a least they could get off the plane, walk around, buy reading material, etc.

Remember 9/11/01?

Vaguely. :wink:

Well over one hundred planes had to processed here ( CYJT, CYQX CYYT, CYHZ and CYYR). I remember some passengers waiting 6 hrs plus before they disembarked. Everyone had to be screened because everyone was a potential threat that day. Many passengers where taken in by local families / organizations until their aircraft was cleared to continue into U.S. airspace. It would have been neat to have FA ’ that ’ day. From my point of view here, not to watch the happenings in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

However, 9/11 is a definite exception to the rule.

Halifax CYHZ
Gander CYQX

Thanks for posting those pics!

Most counries other than the US have “transit lounges” where international passengers deplane and wait for their outbound flight. For example, flying China Air to Bangkok, you fly to Taipei (the only place China can go from the USA), then on to Bangkok. You don’t clear customs, you don’t need a visa, and you don’t leave the building. Usually there is a restaurant (sometimes a good one) where you can pay for your meal with any currency you might happen to be carrying. So for a diversion to Canada (not the case here), the passengers might be able to go into the transit lounge and buy a meal and a magazine.