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Once I'm past step one I'll be fine

i bought the complete system from Amazon and got it running with it plugged into Ethernet.

Now I want to connect it with WiFi instead. I have found some threads on how to change some lines of instructions but I CANT EVEN FIGURE OUT HOW TO CONNECT TO THE RASPBERRY!

Can this be done by connecting the Pi Ethernet jack directly to the ethernet port on my mac?

Does this Pi already have wifi on board? I bought a dongle in case it doesn’t.

Because this is a proprietary Pi I cant even seem to take the SD card out…does it comeout? I don’t want to force it and break something.


Well done, you have it up and running and that is the hard bit. It was not really hard but the rest is easier.

These are the instructions to build a Piaware ADSB station.

You have done Sections 1 & 2 so go to Section 3 called Optional: Enable Wi-Fi and follow the instructions for editing the config file and adding the SSID and password.

You then should follow these instructions so that you can enable SSH and to change settings in the future from a terminal rather than having to pop out the microSD card.

The microSD card should slide out of the bottom of the Pi but often it doesn’t quite clear the cutout.

Good luck and ask if you still need help.


How should we know which Pi you have? Take a photo :slight_smile:

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It looks like this:

Well, does not look like anything a screwdriver could not fix? Or is the dealer offering any special warranty with it?

Check on the other side for a slit for the mini-sd card.

That’s where it is, if the design of the case is not braindead it should be accessible.

It looks like one of these

They are mentioned on the build URL

That’s correct it is one of the Amazon ones with the “full package special“.

I could get some needle nose pliers and pull the SD card out… But I was hoping I could somehow just hook it up to my computer with a cat five cable.

For security reasons ssh is disabled by default.

So no you can’t.
Just use some tweezers instead of pliers maybe.

Or just open the case as suggested. I mean it is 4 screws -.-

No need to open it if you have a USB keyboard and Monitor/TV with HDMI cable.
Connect the Keyboard to a spare USB port.
Connect the HDMI cable to a monitor (or even a TV).

login use these details

run sudo raspi-config

enable ssh to that you can ssh into the device

Also, set your location at https://flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/kingofbanff and your device will participate in MLAT. You will need to restart it after the location is set. You can set the granularity accuracy that others see your location. This is to protect your privacy.

OK! I have it open. I didn’t realize the black box was just a protective shell for the Pi.

I removed the SD card and put it in an adapter and plugged it into my Mac.

It shows up in finder as “Boot”

I have found some code online but I don’t know if I’m running “Jessie” or “Stretch” or something else…

So my latest questions are:

  1. which file am i editing to put my ssid and pword in?

  2. How do I open the file to put the code in?

  3. What code should i insert?


I already seem to have a lat/long on my page but my MLAT isn’t operational…ideas?

You have not set the location. It has been estimated.

See here for how to set your location


Just follow step 3 here: https://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/build

You can also just overwrite the whole card so it is on the most current sd-card version.
That would mean doing step 2 first, then step 3.

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I’d also suggest starting from a new image too - what I’d add is to get a spare SD card and play with that keeping your “known good” card as a backup.

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