Is this suitable for a PiAware rig?

This seems to meet the requirements, but I just wanted to check will be up to the job before I commit :slight_smile:

I’ve got the extras I’ll need - keyboard etc.

Does this look like it’ll be up to the job okay?



Looks good to me.

Honestly you shouldn’t need a keyboard and mouse once your all set up so you can always use a spare or in use set you have laying around until after it is all set up. Other then that all you should need is an RTL-SDR receiver and an antenna and you should be good to go!

All you need is:

  1. Ras Pi Model2
  2. AC/DC adaptor 5V dc, 2.5 A dc (more amps will be ok).
  3. microSD card, 8 or 16 Gb
  4. RPi Case
  5. Network cable to connect RPi to your internet/network router. If you cant make wire connection to router, then only go for wireless, and purchase wifi adapter. Wired connection performs better than wifi.

No need to purchase keyboard, mouse, HDMI cable or any other accessory. You can use your desktop/laptop/phone or tablet to access, control and configure your RPi if you install on your desktop/phone/tablet a SSH client (free of cost). I have installed Putty on my Windows Desktop, and Juice SSH on my android phone. After connecting & powering your RPi, check your router to find local IP address or device name of your RPi in router settings, and use it for connetion through SSH.

If you install Raspbian Wheezy OS from ras pi official site, the default login name is pi and default password is raspberry.

You can start with stock antenna of dvb-t, then switch to a better antenna later when your system is up & running.

The Equipment I Purchased

My other equipment, used in my system #2, has all this plus satellite amplifier, AC/DC adaptor 15V, power insertor (diy), and DC blocker (diy).

Thanks for all the terrific responses :smiley:

Ordering now!

Thanks for all the info.

I was going to install the version supplied by FlightAware - PiAware on Raspbian Linux. Can I still connect via this method?

If you use the image from FlightAware then the password will be different.

Login: pi
Password: flightaware

Instructions can be found here:

Good luck!

**Yes, connection method SSH will be same in both cases. **

Piaware can be I stalled in two ways:
(1) Install Raspbian Linux using Raspbian image from Raspberry Pi official site, then install dump1090 and Piaware data feeder from Flight aware site. In this case the OS Raspbian Linux (Raspbian Wheezy) has login user name pi and password raspberry.

(2) Install Raspbian Linux using **Piaware image ** from Flight aware official site. You don’t have to install any other software as thls is a complete image containing Raspbian OS, dump1090, and Piaware data feeder. In this case the OS Raspbian Linux has login user name pi and password flightaware.

**If your desktop is Ubuntu, you don’t need to install SSH client. The console/terminal is capable to SSH. I am not sure about Mac desktop, but as far as I remember, it’s console/terminal is also SSH capable. Please check from documentation or Google it. **

Mac has native SSH terminal capability (it’s really just linux under the covers now).

It does but I find the vSSH app very handy on the Mac. It uses PuTTY source code.

That sounds pretty good to me :smiley:

I’m on a Mac, but I’ll sort out SSH - did it years ago, so I’ll dig around a little.

Thanks again for the detailed info - this is really helpful.

With a bit of luck, I’ll be up and running next week.