Having to start over. Wireless setup help??

I’ve had the PiAware running for two years but the pi has died…

So, I’ve got another Pi2 and a new SD card and ready to go again.

#1. How do I connect the Pi to a desktop? I cannot remember how to connect the Pi to the desktop (HDMI cord or network cable) so I cannot access the pi itself to set the internet wireless password

#2. How do I setup the wireless part? Where do I find the file to edit?

Thanks in advance.

Bake a Pi
Go to OPTION-1,
See Step 5.

Thanks, but there is no SSH.txt file, and it only lets me create a folder not a file?

Under the “piaware-config.txt” file it only has this in it:

This file was created automatically during an upgrade from PiAware

Additional piaware configuration settings may be added below.

allow-manual-updates yes # updated by fa_piaware_config
allow-auto-updates yes # updated by fa_piaware_config
image-type piaware # updated by fa_piaware_config

Originally, I connected the PI to my desktop and edited the file that way…

Or I thought I did

You have to power-off the Pi, remove microSD card from Pi, and using a microSD card adapter/reader (which you used to burn Piaware image), insert it in your desktop or laptop. While the microSD card is in the desktop, enable SSH and WiFi as follows:

To Enable SSH
Now double click in your desktop the drive letter of microSD card (like D, E, F etc) to open the /boot folder. In this folder right click New → text file, and create the text file. Rename this text file to SSH.

To Enable WiFi:
Open file piaware-config.txt by a text editor.
If following three lines are not already in file piaware-config.txt, add these lines at bottom of file piaware-config.txt

wireless-network yes
wireless-ssid MyWifiNetwork
wireless-password s3cr3t99

Replace MyWifiNetwork by your ssid, and s3cr3t99 by your wifi password

Remove microSD card from desktop, insert it in Pi, and power up. Now both SSH and WiFi should be enabled.

Thanks, got the SSH file made and I edited the file…

Doesn’t work however.

I flashed a version from flightaware 2 yrs old.

Should I flash a newer version?

Even if you did not tell, I have already noticed that you seem to use an older version, and was going to tell you to download Piaware 3.5.0 image and write to your microSD card. This is a solution with almost no headaches.

Go to this page
Piaware 3.5.0 image download link is under item “2-Install PiAware on your SD card”

Since you are using a new Pi which has a different mac address than the old Pi, Flightaware will allot it a new station number. If you want to retain old station number, you will have to spoof mac address. it is better to spoof BEFORE FIRST BOOT, while the microSD card is still inserted in desktop. Please see “Bake a Pi”, Option 1, item 5 (c)

It worked!!!

Thanks… All the notes you were making made sense once I downloaded the new V3.5…