Oldiest Flying DC-3


The Flagship Detroit, a restored original American Airlines DC-3 is flying today! On it’s way to TX for new wingtips, the crew will be using the XM Satellite WX radar (no, not original equipment) to stear clear of tstorms.

The airplane was certified in Jan 1937 and delivered to AA on 3/2/37. It is currently the oldest flying DC-3 on the planet. 8)




Cool plane, thanks for posting.


It’s coming to Dayton for the Dayton Air Show which I really hope it comes early so I can get a tour from the boys out on the AA ramp. I wish Ship 41 could come out and play too.


Hey redlegsfan21,
At the Dayton show, ask for Jeff (that’s me). I’ll give ya the full tour!
This offer also goes to anyone here on FA that sees this plane at an airshow or airport.


You’ll have to remind me closer to the airshow but I try and keep that in mind. Thanks!


It’s not exactly the oldest. Some guy I spoke to not too long ago was sayign theirs had paperwork proving it came off the assembly line a couple of months earlier that the flagship detroit. It;s a cool airplane anyway. I saw it over Fort Lauderdale in 2005 flying in formation with an AA 767

Ivan www.coolairplanes.net


She was here in Greenville (GMU) earlier this year. I was able to get up close and personal and took a number of photos, many of which are posted here on FA. A buddy of mine joined their organization and got to fly around the upstate on the old gal (they wouldn’t give him any stick time though!). I love to see these old birds in the air!


Our crew had a great time in Greenville and said that everybody there was just wonderful folks! Sorry about not giving your friend any stick time. If the airplane is full of people, our insurance (and the FAA) requires two qualified pilots to be in the seats at all times. However, now that he’s a member of the Flagship Detroit Foundation, he can ride (for free) on a ferry/positioning flight, and we’ll put him in a front seat for a bit!


Hey Hwyman,
That guy you spoke to with paperwork…is his airplane airworthy? We know of older DC-3’s but they’re in museums, not flying. The FAA told us (back in 2007) that based on registered aircraft around the world, NC17334 is the oldest one FLYING. If his is older that’s cool. Let’s keep these old airplanes flyin! 8)


I don’t think he really expected any! that was kind of a joke between he and I (although either of us would jump at the opportunity to ride up front!). Hope to see y’all again sometime.

Did you see my photos from GMU? I’ve been meaning to email those to you. PM me with your email address again so I’ll have it handy.



I wish this would come to the New Jersey area, I’d love to see it. Any plans for that?


You guys landed on the wrong runway today. I was all set up for 24R and ya came in on 24L. Hopefully, I’ll see ya tomorrow at the AA Ramp.