Detroit Pistons New Plane

The Detroit Free Press has a story in this past Sunday’s (12/27/09) Sports section about the Pistons getting a new plane. They purchased a Spirit Airlines MD-83 that was parked at DTW. After refitting it they expect to be using sometime in January 2010 after FAA okays it. The current tail code for the MD-83 is N808NK. The current “Roundball One” is a DC 9-30 tail code is N880DP.

shouldn’t they start winning games before they buy a new plane?

Upgraded from a DC-9 to MD-83 huh, big spenders up there in Motown.

I was thinking the same thing deef - they went from old to old again. It’s detroit though - what can you do. At least they do own a jet, which is more than I can say for myself.

I’m surprised Northwest didn’t just donate one of their “lightly used” DC-9s to the Pistons. Ya know, one with 75,000 hours and 110,000 cycles. Those -9s are some tough old birds.

Those are “highway miles” …

C’mon, think big, what about one of those 747-200’s they just parked. You could really pimp one of those out.

They need a piston engine aircraft… :smiley: