Old records missing from N-number database


I have old pictures of aircraft that I’d like to post, but the subject aircraft are missing from the N-number database. For some N-numbers (like N9012) there are old records and current records, but not the aircraft I am interested in, for others (like N1358Y) there are no records at all.

I understand that the FAA database is incomplete (but don’t understand why). It would be nice if users could add aircraft to your database that are not in the FAA database, and then be able to upload photos for these “missing” aircraft.

Thank you.


You can still upload photos that are not that current tail number. You should even be able to tag the tail that is in the photo, even if that tail is not currently registered.


Indeed. I have logged aircraft that were on an Air Britain (UK enthusiasts’ group) microfiche but never appeared on the FAA database. So where did the microfiche originate if not the FAA?

For info, the 1992 US aircraft Register is here - enjoy: