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OK, starting out and already hitting a wall

I followed the steps on https://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/build

sections 1 - 5. Using a 32Gb micro SD card (is there a max size? Well, that page links to a 32GB USB micro SD), twice I get:



The drive formats OK / read & writes OK in windows 10 pro.

Trying to see what’s on the disk (should it be readable in win 10?) the system says the disk needs to be formatted (in windows) first.

In drive management, I see this:

I WOULD try to boot off it on the pi, but haven’t gotten it yet. But I’m eager to get ready for it!!

Oh, I didn’t find any pages on people talkign about how much RAM should be in the Pi. Don’t want to bias your answer with saying what I DID get… what would you say?

THANKS! Have a good weekend!

And old 512MB RPI1 was good enough for a lot of locations.
Anything RPI3 or newer will be fine.

You can use some of the installation information in the regular RPI website

They have a nice SD card burner app.

The Healthy partition will expand after the first reboot.

After PiAware is installed Etcher should automatically eject the SD card, if not manually eject the SD card and remove from the computer.

Before you try and change the config, the sd-card needs to be unplugged / plugged in again so Windows updates it.
Only the boot partition will be readable for windows … there you can change the piaware-config.txt

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Sorry to belabor this…

Jonhawkes2030 - the Pi 3 B+ comes in 2, 4 & 8 I think. So even a 2 is good for this?

Wiedohopf - I get that error after etcher says it’s done / before dealing with ejecting the card / channging the config.

And windows wants to format the disk rather than show me whats on the boot drive.

I’ll start again with another download of the zip.

Sorry, I;m coming from a windows world here… I am used to burning ISOs to USB thumb drives to make the USB bootable.

Here, I’m using the zip, unexpanded with Etcher. right? I saw inside the zip at one point theres an img file. (maybe me looking in the zip did something that’s causing this problem - I will be the first to admit - I cause my own problems : )

And we’re talking about PiAware. Is that the name of the OS? Or the zip file has the raspian OS, with an app called piaware (and dump1090 another app I’ve heard mentioned?) all set to feed Flightaware?).

that is normal, because Windows cannot read the file system which is written by etcher. I am getting this message every time after flashing the card. Don’t let Windows format it.

For the Raspberry 4 i can say that it will work even witt a 512GB card, but this is like shooting a cruise missile to remove a bee from the cake.

I’ve read somewhere that larger cards seem to be more reliable on sustainability. Mine (64GB Sandisk) are running on both devices now for several months (almost a year on the 3B) without any issues.

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The RPI2s and 3s came only with 1GB RAM.
The RPI4s have 1,2,4,8GB (Just just received my 8GB today). They recently stopped selling the 1GB version.

Technically you can give 1GB RAM to video, however, most people don’t allocate much.

I’m not familiar … is Etcher showing an error?
Your picture … doesn’t show context.

It is normally not an error in Etcher itself. This tool only reports “Finished!” in most cases
The error occurs when accessing the SD card in Windows Explorer after the flash process.

Your suggestion of ejecting and reinserting helps to access the boot file system to make the necessary changes.

I use Win32DiskImager, and it does not require unplug/replug the microSD card. However it cannot write .zip files, so I have to first unzip the downloaded file (using 7zip) and get an .img file.

Additional advantage of the Win32DiskImager is that it is a handy tool for making microSD card backup