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New to Raspberry Pi

Trying to start from scratch. Downloaded the files and installed the piaware-sd-card-1.20-1.img file on the mini sd card. I plug everything in and get the two lights (red and yellow). There seems to be no other activity. No network lights blinking, no activity on the monitor. The monitor does not acknowledge a signal. What am I missing? Is there other software I need on the sd card?

Thank you!

What program did you use to install the .img file? Sounds like it did not complete successfully.


I used the Win32DiskImager-0.9.5-binary as instructed by flightaware. i did not see any error messages, said it installed correctly.

Don’t forget to check the PSU. I have same problem after change the PSU to 5Vdc/2.0Amp everything work fine.

remove your sdcard and plug again in windows, check the card in special the store capacity, if you see a wrong storage capacity , its because your rpi are getting to much static electricity, format card again and install again, try turn on rpi without touch on board, or touch your hands in something metal before.

leave me yor feedback.

when i reformat, is quick format good enough or shall i do the full format? is the piaware-1.20 software the only software i need on the card? anything else required to make everything work?

Thank you!

Harry, you need to install an operating system first. If you haven’t done this then install Raspbian from here. https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/
Run up the Pi to be sure the operating system starts, then install piaware.

Thank you. I will work on NOOBS and then PiAware. Question about process, may I use the same SD card to install both? First to install NOOBS and then reimage the SD card with PiAware?

Thank you

If you downloaded PiAware from the link on the instruction page - piaware.flightcdn.com/piaware-sd … -1.img.zip
you don’t need to “install an operating system” first, it’s all included in the image. That was the only file I installed when I set up my box. As stated before make sure you have an adequate power supply and maybe try a different micro sd card too.

Thank you all for your help. Dumb guy moment, I wasn’t completing step two correctly and writing the uncompressed file to the SD card. Sometimes you can’t shortcut the process. I am up and running now.

Good to hear you got it going! :slight_smile:

Good job :+1:
Now afther all you wish is running up, it’s time for make Backup so if something doing wrong in near future you don’t need install all again, with the same software you used to write a image on sdcard, do the same job but now choose “read” afther you have a backup image store them outside rpi scard.