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Downloading piaware-sd-card-1.19-3

I’ve downloaded the file (several times) from the link in section 2 of the “HOW TO DO IT” but have been unable to unzip it. I’m using WinZip but repeatedly get the response that it is an unrecognosed file format or that the file is corrupt. Any suggestions on where to go from here?

I use 7-Zip. I save the file to desktop, Right click on it and click on ‘Extract Here’

Then it will place another file on your desktop ending an IMG

Thanks. I’ve got the .img file on the sd card now but when I insert it into the Raspberry Pi the green light is steady, the wifi dongle doesn’t light up, nor does the ADS-B dongle and there is “no signal” on the screen. Does the PiAware software have to be on the same sd card as the Raspian OS as it appears there is no operating system on the Pi?

The image file has both Raspbian + Piaware.

How did you “get the .img file on the sd card”? It’s not sufficient to copy the image file there, you need to use an imaging program to completely replace the sdcard contents with the image. See steps 3 onwards (talking about Win32DiskImager etc) in part 2 of the instructions

Woops! I’ve been chasing my tail so long trying to get the zip file unzipped I forgot about that step. Now that I’ve done it and inserted the sd card into the Pi I can’t log in. I’ve used my user name and the password I set but it keps coming back Login incorrect. What am I missing this time?
Perhaps I should also mention that my user name appears as I type it but after entering it and the password line appears, although I type the password correctly it does not show on the screen.
Thanks for all your help thus far.

See flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/bui … l#password (defaults are pi / raspberry, you should probably change those!)

It’s normal that the password is not echoed.

Thanks, obj, you have been most helpful. I have followed the wifi set up instructions carefully but I get the response when I enter sudo /root/network_monitor.sh & that no such file or directory exists. I have been over my entries several times but to no avail. Also if I enter sudo piaware-status it tells me that piaware is NOT connected to FlightAware. Should it be?