Odd Lear 35


Last appearance on Flightaware March 2006
This arrived at Manchester 5/10/06 ( Thats 5th October for our transatlantic cousins)
Looks like something from an A-Team movie!
Lear 35 owned by
Street 177 HIGHWAY 61 SE
City CARTERSVILLE State GEORGIA Zip Code 30120
Who appear to have a collection of Gulfstream 1s and Lears of varying marks
registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry … t_option=5
Anyone know what they do with them and why one is in the UK?
Be lucky


Their web page is at phoenixair.com/


I guess you don’t have to worry about a long traffic queue when you have some rockets underneath your wings :slight_smile:
But seriously, that is one weird looking Learjet. I would assume that’s one of Phoenix’s military training aircraft?

JB :slight_smile:


I believe that one of the odder (is that a word) operations that they do is towing targets for the military.

Oh, I miss banner towing and the Lear 35; wish I could put those together.


Theres a whole bunch of them at Newport News, VA (KPHF):

Along with some unusual players:

Thats a Kfir, I had never seen one before.
I took these a few weeks ago.
As Dami said, there’s a lot of interesting info at their website, specifically this link

Another link, this one is ATAC USA, they are the ones flying the Kfirs and a few Drakens out of Newport News. I’m not sure if they are affiliated with Phoenix Air, but the mission profile sounds similar.


Don’t know if I’d want to be towing a banner that people are shooting at!


It would be pretty safe to say that these are most likely used in some way for military ops. The fact that cfijames saw many of their a/c in KPHF reaffirms this, as the military is EVERYWHERE you go in the Tidewater area. I used to fly into PHF all the time (when it was actually called “Patrick Henry Field” and we used the air stairs to board our USAir BAC-111) when my dad lived in the area. Even though it’s a public facility, I saw all sorts of militry aircraft nearly every time I passed through; from F-16s to C-130s, and many in between.


It is in fact a Phoenix Air,they are used in various roles by the U.S. Military and the government for drug operations in Central America,they are also used for training by the Air National Guard as Electronic Jammers and they are used by the Navy in training exercises,in dropping markers for target practice.