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Odd Google Chrome Behavior

Good Afternoon -
I have a variety of machines… both Windows 7 and Windows 10 OS. In one instance, I have a Google Chrome Browser that will not render any data inside the Map and Tracking block. Everything else on the Live Tracking site works fine except that map and graphics. I have full controls for that window but I have no base map or tracking information. On this one machine, running IE, it works fine. On a second Windows 7 machine, with the same version of Chrome and the same controls set, it works fine.

I am getting ADS-B data for both live and archived flights.

Everything worked fine just yesterday. This is just simply odd. And yes, I have run a full shutdown on all browsers and the machine and have cleared all cache. I have run it in INCOGNITO mode. Nothing. Everything works except the rendering of the map and flight path and altitude/ground speed graph. Truly odd.


Just to reduce variables, have you tried with all extensions turned off?

All extensions and ad blocking off. Unlike my other machine which is set up with Flash “Ask” and normal base extensions doing their thing and Ad blocking strong. Meaning that I have reduced the normal environment that I run by turning all extensions and ad blocking off… to no avail.


Just as a shot in the dark:

Open a new tab, press F12, and select Console in the window on the right.

Then open the page you are having problems with.
A screenshot after loading the relevant page might be interesting.

(and might also help the website team at flightaware if they get around to your bug report)