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my ads-b page still bugged.

as RE.
still dont see any stats after signup here.
tried several browsers, se no image of stats, see nothing.
dont see life tracking to, only in chrome, but with 5 minutes delay vs lifetracking local.
so, what is going on.

Same here. No stats or fancy graphs using Chrome on OSX, or IE on Windows 8. Pages are just blank…

What gives?

Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Here’s what I see for your two stats pages in Chrome (39.0.2171.99) on OSX Mavericks:

Be sure to use https:// instead of just http:// to access your userpage.

with manual https in front it worked.
guess that wecan call a coding error.
that problem is solved, now to find out why life view stil aint realy life xD, and only working here in chrome.(wel, life no, need a manual refresh) (not that it is a isue)

I’ve opened a ticket (40167) on this http/https issue.

thank you !
now i know it was (imho) a litle oeps we forgot something in the code xD ,a manual https does te trick.(for now)

Works fine for me too, now!