Missing statistics graphs


Where have those nice graphs gone in the ADS-B stats page? Work in progress?


I see the maps…maybe a browser problem? Please visit flightaware.com/fix and post the results


You’re right. It’s there using Explorer11. Not since today when using Chrome 39.0.2171.65 or Explorer on WP8.1…
This is the requested output:

Session Diagnostics

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Got it! No matter which browser (Explorer, Firefox, Chrome), when I have the password stored and return to the stats page, FA will have me logged in but not show the map, distribution and graph. All the others are there.
Only after logging out and logging in again all reappears.


The logout/login workaround as described above doesn’t work anymore. :angry:

Haven’t been able to produce graphs or distribution for a week now…
Tried Chrome, Firefox, Explorer. Company internet, home internet.
Clear browser cache, cookies etc.
Tried refreshing page by Ctrl-F5

Anything else?

Am i the only one having this problem?



To conclude my monologue: User Neil pointed elsewhere that https:// instead of http:// is required to get the graphs. Problem solved!


dont worry.
many bugs atm, i guess they are working on new stuff.
on firefox here NOTHING work, i must use IE or chrome :confused:


I’m using Firefox with no issue. I do have HTTPS-Everywhere add-on, so that may be making the difference.


FireFox 35.0 here - all good. Just missing data from today. Looks like it’s slowly creeping back?