The map on the ADS-B user page


What is the map supposed to be for on the ADS-B user page.

The only thing it shows for me is a map, but no aircraft or tracking. However on my map running locally i do show aircraft.

Map on Stats Page

Currently it just identifies the location of your receiver(s) but we will soon upgrade it significantly! In the mean time, you can see your data directly from your receiver or on the flights linked from your user page.


excellent, thanks for the response!


Currently, there is nothing shown within ADS-B stats section (no map, no feeders). Tried with with 2 different machines and browsers. Common problem?


Can you post a screenshot? What link are you visiting?


Didn’t the URL recently change for the User Stats page/tab?



Link is

History and cache were cleaned everytime I tried.


The stats page/tab URL is:

Yours would be:



Thanks, it works. But this must be new, because stats were shown on the link I posted above just a few days ago.


Freut mich das es geklappt hat. :slight_smile: