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Map on Stats Page

Could we not lose the map on the top of the stats page or at least have the option to hide it permanently.

It is really annoying on a small mobile phone screen. Also I always seem to land on it when I open up the stats page on my laptop & then when I try & scroll down, the map just zooms out rather than actually scrolling down the page. :imp:

Whats your opinion, do we really need it :question:

Ya it does seem like dead space sometimes. I wish it would show the aircraft that our decoders happen to be tracking. That would be cool.

Nope - don’t need it, I know where I am and what my receiver is … it doesn’t tell me anything I don’t know.

A voice to keeping the map (but make it foldable similarly to log). I found the map helpful when looking on the other users stats to compare to my own stats.

It would be useful if it superimposed an indication of receiver achieved range.

Someone from FlightAware said big things were coming regarding the map back in November. As far as I can tell nothing has happened. Not to my map anyway. It is a big waste of screen real estate. Would be nice if it showed aircraft my ADSB was tracking.