Big performance improvements


You should notice big performance improvements across the site today. It might be most noticeable on the ADS-B stats page, which loads in about half the time as yesterday.


Yes, I noted it this morning. This is great, thanks.
So this was the reason some parts of your site were not available last night for couple of hours after midnight.




I noticed it also. Any update on when MLAT stats will be added on are Stat page?



It’s a top priority and the dev team is laying some important infrastructure first. All the MLAT stats work is done but it pushed us over the tipping point of the existing stats infrastructure.


Cool… Thanks for the update. Keep up the good work…


Thanks for the continued improvements.

That said, many have stated that the map at the top is inconvenient especially when using a mobile device. The map is what I personally look at least. I usually know where my feeder is :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to suppress the map for a logged in user as is the user information for a non-logged in visitor?


I noticed the improvement as well, but I also noticed that if you shrink your browser window to be narrow enough (i.e. when the main site menu switching from the horizontal to vertical), the link to myADSB page from main FightAware page is gone and can not be found anywhere. On a mobile device requesting the full page (not the mobile version of the site) the main site menu become always vertical since this morning (and as the result - no link to myADBS).


One easy solution is to use AdBlock, and just block the map. Tested it, and it works fine!


I couldn’t agree more.

Several months ago in another long lost thread in this forum, DBaker agreed that the map should probably be hidden behind an optional button (like the ‘Log’ option). We agreed that it doesn’t really do anything other than take up space and shouldn’t be the first thing everyone has to see on the stats page (particularly on mobile devices). He mentioned that they’d work on that…




The site upgrade is good for desktop, but for mobile device it is giving me hard time:

(1) The mobile pages are not stable.
(2) When I want to login and click login at top of page, a new page opens which says “forbidden”
(3) when I try to post, a page opens, which asks me to login…so far so good… but when I enter my user name & password, it says "your username & password do not matchl
(4) when i request reset password it says "you are not authorized to request password resetl :angry: :frowning:

I am unable to use forum from my mobile device!!!


abcd, you might consider installing the Tapatalk app on your mobile device to access the forum.


Thanks for advise. Installed tapatalk. User unfriedly:
(1) Very difficult to navigate compared to the normal web pages in the browser.
(2) In browser, I can save draft replies, but tapatalk wont save draft replies.
(3) If half way typing reply the tapatalk window is minimized, then on maximizing, it starts from scratch, while browser starts exactly from the the same state where it was minimized.

I am fedup, and will not use tapatalk any more, and will wait for login problem in browser based pages to be solved by Flightaware webmaster/IT team.


The new version of tapatalk is horrible. I use an old version. Prefer it over trying to navigate webpages on my phone and that’s on a Nexus6 big screen.


Mobile Login Problem Solved - Found A Workaround :slight_smile:
After unsuccessfull attemts to login from discussions page, I tried to login from another page:
Discussions page -> Live Flight Tracking Page -> Login -> Bingo, Success! :slight_smile:


Yes, you are right. I have used tapatalk with Flightradar24 forum during 2013/2014 and that version was very good. I uninstalled it last year as FR24 discontinued its use. The lastest version which I installed yesterday is horrible. :frowning: