The map returns to the stats page

The map has returned to the stats page, this time as a satellite view. I appreciated the several weeks of not having this feature. I keep pretty close tabs on where I live and really don’t need the map to help ( :slight_smile: ).

When viewing the page on a mobile device, the load time is longer, data usage is higher and more time and effort are needed to scroll down to the pertinent data.

It has been requested before that this be a toggled feature with the default being off. Maybe the state could be adjusted in one’s personal settings.

And when I click the “View map of all FlightAware ADS-B sites” link, very often nothing happens.

I noticed this, too. Like the OP I enjoyed not having to scroll past this during the short time it was missing. I really don’t get the point of this map. Is the percentage of contributors with more than one location enough to justify the “feature”? Do they really need a map? Why not make it optional or put it at the bottom of the page? It is an enormous waste of page space.

Agreed, I know where my tracker is. Please give us the option to hide/disable this.

Installed “Page Eraser” extension in Chrome browser. Clicked and removed map. Quick walk around the block confirms I am still able to find home without FlightAware map. Tranquility returns.

OK, this is really odd. I’ve just installed that extension - I click it, select the map and it vanishes. Then I click the extension again, refresh the page and the map comes back. I guess I’m doing something wrong but I really can’t find any instructions on how to actually save my selection.

I’m happy to see the map back! I am often curious where in the city other receivers are located, especially those with higher numbers than me hah

No one has suggested that the map be removed, only given the ability to toggle it off. I would do that as default, only turning it on when I wanted it.

For some reason, the map with all feeder locations does not display

We are seeing some intermittent issues with that map, possibly due to the large number of sites we have now. We have that prioritized the map for optimization. In the meantime you may find that refreshing the page will work-around the issue.

Thanks, that seems to do it. It just dies of overwork - another indication of FA’s popularity :wink:

You may be able to configure Varnish to allow requests to take 15 seconds as a stop-gap.

It used to be possible to see all sites on this map, that has been removed and now there is just a link to , which doesn’t work.

Can you please fix the maps so we can see the locations of other feeders. That is one very interesting information that you have provided but FR24 lacks. Please bring it back!


You are not right. You can see every site name on the map. Just click on the site and it will even point you to the profile of the user. Look at the screenshot :wink:

It wasn’t working for me this morning. It now seems to work.

There are 2 different maps in question. This thread is about the map ON THE STATS pgae, not the one you linked.

The map on top of “STATISTICS” page has changed and contains no useful information, just dots of my own sites.

I would like to see

  1. The names (Private names, if entered) and status on my own sites directly on the map, without clicking. Live sites in green, offline in red for example.

  2. The neighboring sites positions, their user info if clicked on would be nice.

The other map, of all feeders, NEVER work for me and some other users, THAT is the problem. It just loads and displays nothing. Coverage works.


The coverage map - feeder sites works for me using chrome. I suspect it is a java or browser problem.

There is no need to quote my entire post, including screenshots, please edit your quotes!

I am also using Chrome, and have no problems with other similar features.


it seems to have been on-again off-again periodically recently (mostly off-again for me) Refresh occasionally helped.
This afternoon I tried it in Firefox, no joy.
Tried again in M$ edge (IE but worse) and it worked. Retried with firefox and it worked. They may have been tinkering and got something working today. Map shows dots w/o site info, but clicking on site dot pops up info window. Lots of flightfeeders around Houston for some reason, all listed as late 2016. Let’s see if it remains.

The FF oranges are built in the Houston office (so will show up there while being tested), and Houston is also used as a testbed for software changes.