Stats page changed

On my stats page I have 4 sites which I check regularly
Now that the individual sites have to load separately they take a very long time to do so and occasionally the charts do not become visible at all. Why the change?

We were having performance problems with the data and one problem is that when a user has multiple sites, they were often only looking at one, but the system would generate all the data regardless of what they looked at.

How long are the load times you’re experiencing?

Ideally everything would load within a second or two but it’s tough to simultaneously add features, add >100 sites a week, and make everything faster.

I have the same issue. Load times for each site is 5-10 seconds.


The bottleneck for me is the tab loading which takes 20+ seconds to generate.

We’re on it, thanks! Ideal would be <1sec, but our current expectation is 2-3 sec, so something is wrong.

It’s particularly bad with a mobile connection

Does loading the map factor in to the delays at all?

Even if it doesn’t, can the map become a pop-out option and not a required thing to see each time we access our stats pages (like the ‘Log’ button)? Perhaps there could be a pull-down option added where people can decide if they want to automatically see the map each time their load their stats page?

It really gets in the way when viewing the stats pages on a phone and is something that you just have to scroll past every time as it’s right at the top of the page.


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The map isn’t part of the delay, but you raise a good point that it’s not very useful and at the top of the page. We should improve that.

Another vote to make the map collapsible. I always try to scroll past it and usually catch the map and end up zooming out on it instead of scrolling down.